Welcome to the website of Gerlinda Smit, psychologist and NLP Master practitioner on the Costa del Sol.  Providing therapy, counselling and coaching concerning:

Burnout         →     increasing of self-confidence
Anxiety          →     changing of negative patterns
Stress             →     regaining strength and energy

Also for coaching concerning issues that are more general, like career questions, relational problems or stress due to life stages.

Maybe you have found this website because you were just looking for more information about a subject. Maybe you are considering seeking help from a professional, but find yourself hesitating. Perhaps you are convinced you really should be able to solve things all by yourself, or you convince yourself that your problem is not really that big or important.

Painful events and disruptive experiences are part of life. And often we can deal with the related stress, pain or fears ourselves and also with the support of our friends and dear ones.
Sometimes this private support however doesn´t change things (doesn´t make you feel better) and personal strategies that normally worked very well, don´t seem to work either.
Then therapy might be a helpful option to consider. Therapy is not only talking about your problems but also aims to change the ways you deal and feel with issues that bring you out of balance. For a lot of people it is a big step to find help from a professional when it concerns psychological issues. It requires courage to change patterns and beliefs, and preparedness to introspection.